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Recommendations – Shows to Binge on in this Self-Quarantine Period

I was someone completely averse to watching TV or Web series – or anything that cannot be in completed in one 2.5-hour sitting. However, eventually a time has to come when one decides to follow the herd, and that time has come for me too. Now that we are all cooped up in our houses hiding from the COVID19, here are some shows I have watched, or am watching, that you can watch too to keep yourself engaged. Also note, this post is also a call for recommendations of series which you think I’ll enjoy (hopefully this post will clue you in to my taste). And also, every show mentioned here have subtitles on the platforms they are streaming in.

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Best of 2019 Series Part 4 – Best Films of 2019

Late as always, but here goes my last post in the Best of 2019 series (Part 3 here, from where you can navigate to the previous parts) – my favorite films of 2019. Again, this is a subjective list, and this is only based on the films I have watched. So here goes…

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World Famous Lover – What In The World Were They Smoking?


The story of Gautham (Vijay Devarakonda) and Yamini (Raashi Khanna) perfectly mirrors my relationship with Vijay Devarakonda, the actor. Yamini falls in love with Gautham for his beautiful face and his ability to sell corny lines with charm. No, this is not the reason the film gives us, but I can’t figure out why else would Yamini fall for a man who sprouts lines like “Were you born beautiful, or you grew up to be beautiful?”

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