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Bhaagamathie – Clever Story, Fabulous Anushka Shetty, Underwhelming Movie

No other actress in the current crop can play a regal queen as well as Anushka Shetty. The actress, with her stunning screen presence, seems to be born for such roles. Arundhati, Rudhramadevi, Devasena and now Bhaagamathie. But does Bhaagamathie do justice to her?

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Best of 2017 Series Part 3 – Best Films of the Year

Here is the last part of my best of 2017 series! (Part 1 and 2 here) I had also thought of doing best music albums too, but that will just be too many to choose from. It feels so good to be done with one series at least! Anyways, here goes my personal pick of the best movies of last year (in no particular order). Again, I haven’t watched everything that came out in 2017, so there’s still space for a lot more films in this list.

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Naachiyaar – A Departure From The Usual Bala Films


I am not very familiar with director Bala’s oeuvre of films, but I do know the classic tropes one expects from his films – a heavy dose of violence,  a hard-hitting, tragic climax and so on. So Naachiyaar definitely came as a surprise for me. It does have a distinctive Bala touch to it, but is not as gory or disturbing as his previous ventures.

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Love – Random Musings on Valentines’ Day

It is Valentines’ Day, and I had been spending all this time wondering what sort of post I could do. As if on cue, I accidentally stumbled upon a piece I had randomly scribbled down two years back in high school. It was about love, or rather, my 16-year old self’s perception of love. Now, on this Valentines’ Day, while I am on the verge of completing my first year in university, I realized that not much has changed. I am still single, and I’m still looking for more or less the same thing when it comes to love. So I decided to modify that piece a little bit to fit into today’s timeline, and reproduce it here.

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A Masala Coffee Concert And A Look At The Independent Music Scene In Kerala

If you ever wanted to see nearly all the Malayalees studying in Christ (deemed to be university), Bengaluru, at the same place, the Masala Coffee concert on campus was the place to be. The evening of 3rd Feb was indeed an experience for those who attended the concert.

I know there are many who might be wondering – what is this Masala Coffee?  What is the big deal here? Let me explain. However, before I talk about Masala Coffee, let us take a look at the music scene in Kerala.

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