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Diya – An Emotional Horror-Thriller On Abortion That Neither Does Justice To Its Genre Nor Its Subject

Sai Pallavi, who made waves as Malar Miss in the Malayalam hit Premam finally makes her debut in her mother-tongue – Tamil. The much-delayed Diya (earlier titled Karu) finally released today. And I got to see it one day earlier, when it released here in Dubai yesterday. Unfortunately, Diya, though not unwatchable, does not really warrant a first-day-first-show viewing.

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2 States (Book Review) – For Chetan Bhagat’s Birthday

Like I confessed in my review of Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl, I did have a fondness for Bhagat’s books (until Half Girlfriend). And 2 States is my favorite book of his, and a special one too. Until I chanced upon this book at a random flea market, I had never read any Indian literature – except for some Amar Chitra Katha comics. Though I know people will slap me if I call Bhagat’s work ‘literature’, it was indeed refreshing to read a book set in the Indian milieu. I could find myself relating with so many points, even though I am neither a Punjabi nor a Tamilian like the protagonists of this novel.

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Thoughts on Padmaavat(i)

I FINALLY watched it! It’s been there on Amazon Prime for a while now, but it’s only yesterday that I finally got around to watching this controversial movie. Why were the Karni Sena protesting against this movie again? Because this movie bent backwards in heaping praises on Rajput valour and bravery? Because this movie demonizes Muslims? Or did they watch/read the script of a completely different film? Because the Padmaavat I watched has a lot of problems, but insulting Rajputs and their Queen Padmaavati is definitely NOT one of them.

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Successfully Survived One Year of College!!! Celebration Through Songs

Wow, can’t believe that one year of college is over! Well, not exactly one year. An academic year isn’t usually that long. But it’s kinda hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am now a year closer to getting my undergraduate degree! I was torn between writing a nostalgic post and song post. Then I thought, nostalgia can wait till my graduation year. Now lemme celebrate a year of college though songs! I’ll try to make it as different as i can from my previous college-themed post. 
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Tribute to the Mozart of Madras – AR Rahman Last Part – My Favorites from 2013-2017

FINALLY! The last part! I swear I am never doing series again! Don’t get me wrong….it is fun to do but then no one really checks them out and I end up losing interest. Anyways….here we go with my favorite AR Rahman songs from 2013-2017. (Part 4 here, and then you can keep moving back from there)

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