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Thoughts on Chi La Sow And Few Other Sensible Telugu Rom-Coms With Well-Written Heroines And Non-Creepy Heroes

Two things before I begin with this post, I have only started following Telugu cinema really closely from 2017 onward, so the movies I talk about here will be restricted to these two years only.

Okay, now that I have that out of the way, I’ll begin. Like most people, I have also always believed that Telugu cinema is just about these mindless machete-wielding, punch-line-sprouting, gravity-defying hero-centric films (do I really need to give examples?), or these annoying, regressive, over-sentimental family films like Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Brahmotsavam, Srinivasa Kalyanam and so on. Occasionally, something like an Arjun Reddy, a C/O Kancherapalem, an Awe, a Sukumar film or a Sekhar Kammula film would come to break the monotony. But it’s only recently that I discovered this third category of films – these small, sensible, urban rom-coms with well-defined and relatable protagonists. Some of them, like Pelli Choopulu makes heads turn. Others quietly come and go, garnering critical appreciation but do not really travel well – as they neither feature stars or big directors – which is a shame. This post is dedicated to a few such films I caught recently.

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Made in Heaven (Web Series) – A Well-Made, Well-Acted Series With Complex, Layered Characters

I am not much of a series person – be it in terms of books or TV/web shows. I don’t really like taking the pain of waiting for the next episode/book to know what happens next. So if I do decide to start a series, I need a LOT of coaxing. The last series I watched was Breathe (Amazon Prime)just because it had Maddy in it. And I decided to check out Made in Heaven partially because I was interested in watching more of Zoya Akhtar after the terrific Gully Boyand partially because my Twitter timeline was absolutely filled with praises for the same. And I am SO GLAD I decided to watch it!

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Book Review – The Distance Between Us by Kasie West (YA)

Kasie West is a YA author I recently discovered, and I must say I’ve really begun to enjoy her. She writes such charming romances, with adorable protagonists and swoony love interests, And the best part is that her books are not just about romance, but also about the growth of the protagonist, and her relationships with her family and friends. I have read three of her books as of now, and enjoyed all three. I was wondering which of the among them should I talk about first, then finally decided on The Distance Between Us as that was the last book I read.

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Singer Spotlight – Shashaa Tirupati

I don’t know if I have said this here before, so I’ll say it now – my all-time favorite female singer is, without a doubt, Shreya Ghoshal. I worship her almost as much as I worship AR Rahman – those who know me or follow my blog already know my devotion to that legend, so you can understand what I mean by this statement. My next favorite would be Chinmayi Sripaada – I respect her as a singer, dubbing artiste and above all, as a person. It is very hard for me to pick a third one – there are SO MANY lovely voices coming up daily that I lose track. However, one relatively new singer whose work I really admire is that of Shashaa Tirupati (an AR Rahman protegé by the way). I first noticed the National-Award winner in the OK Kanmani album, which made me a fan. Her voice, like ARR himself told her, sounds like a musical instrument. So here I have come up with a list of my favorite Shashaa Tirupati songs, in order of release.

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