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Thoughts on Joseph: Man With The Scar


I don’t know why I put off watching this movie for so long. It has been on Amazon Prime for a while now, and for even longer on other online websites. I had heard only unanimously good reviews for this one, yet chose to ignore it for so long, until the news of a possible Tamil remake reached me, immediately pushing me to watch the original. And boy, I am so glad I did! It’s been over a week since I watched it, and I am still not over the experience. I would be going about my day as usual when, out of the blue, snippets of the movie or its song pop up in my head, bringing with them a wave of sadness. Just doing a Twitter thread did not satisfy me, which is why I decided to do this post.

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The Songs in Dear Comrade

Every year there is always that one album that really speaks to me. Of course, as a person whose day is incomplete without music, I fall in love with so many songs every year. (In fact, that is why I don’t compile a ‘Best Songs/Albums of Last Year’ list – as the length of that post would stretch on for miles.) But I usually have this one favourite album every year – one in which every song evokes an emotional reaction from me. Last year it was 96 (I never got around to discussing the entire album) for me. And this year, it is Dear Comrade. I know the year is far from over, but I am so much in love with this album (though not quite as much as 96, where I loved all the songs, while here there are two songs which I am not that fond of) This post is me going through the jukebox and trying to decode what exactly do I love in each song.

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