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The Universe of Thai LGBTQ+ Shows, Reco 1 – 2gether: the Series (and the special sequel Still 2gether)

When they say, ‘my whole life changed during this lockdown period’, they sure aren’t lying. Before all this, I was so stubborn regarding what I watched. I hated watching series, and especially didn’t want to watch non-Indian content. It was with much hesitation that I stepped into the world of English-language shows earlier this year. Cut to almost six months later, and here I am, sidelining all the Indian and English-language content I’ve been meaning to watch with a new-found interest – Thai shows featuring LGBTQ+ romance. In just a month, these shows have started to become my happy place – something equivalent to a warm hug or a soothing massage to relieve all your stress and tension. Through a series of posts like this one, I’ll take you through some of these shows, starting with the one that gained popularity in various parts of the world – 2gether: The Series, and its sequel Still 2gether.

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Thoughts on c u soon

A movie filmed during the pandemic, a story told entirely through a set of screens. The only other film I have seen which followed a similar visual grammar was the 2014 horror-thriller Unfriended, which had unfolded largely through a set of Skype screens. However, a full-length feature-film along these lines is a novel attempt in Indian, especially Malayalam cinema, and considering that this is a product featuring Fahadh Faasil and directed by Mahesh Narayan (who had earlier made the wonderful Take Off), I was obviously excited. And the film didn’t disappoint at all.

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