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Putham Pudhu Kaalai – An Underwhelming But Sweet Offering

Contrary to what seems to be the popular opinion, I had a nice time watching this anthology. As is the case with most anthologies – some shorts works better than the others, and even the best ones do not quite get there – but at the end I was left with a warm, fuzzy feeling , which is what I wanted anyway.

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The Universe of Thai LGBTQ+ Shows, Reco 2 – Dark Blue Kiss

This was the second Thai LGBTQ+ show I watched, and even though I have many more by now, I still feel this is one of the best. Unlike 2gether, Dark Blue Kiss had me rooting for all the side-couples in addition to the main couple, and the show allows itself get into the messier aspects of relationships, which was again quite different from 2gether, which was content in being a light-hearted rom-com (not that I’m complaining, we need such pleasant shows in the world too!).

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