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A Trip Down the Memory Lane – A Playlist of Non-Film Songs I Loved As A Child (90s-early 2000s)

Music had always been an integral part of my childhood – especially Hindi music since my mother used to be a huge fan. From as long as I can remember (and this can be substantiated through my baby videos as well), there would always be music playing in the house – either from our little black tape recorder, or from the MTV, B4U or Channel V channels on our old Philips television. That was a time where independent music was at the rage, with some songs being even more popular than actual film songs. Here I have compiled some of my favourite of these songs which I used to listen to as a child. Hope you guys enjoy it, and feel free to add more!

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A Thank-You Letter to Sur-The Melody of Life (2002) – The Film Which Brought Music Into My Life

I don’t why it took me almost 17 years to revisit this film. This film had given me so much, SO MUCH that I believe I would have turned out to be a very different person had my parents not brought home the rented cassette of Sur – The Melody of Life when I was three years old. It has been almost 18 years since this film hit the screens, and I don’t think many people even remember its existence now. I too had forgotten about it until YouTube reminded me of it one fine evening. Now that I have revisited it again, I realize that the film – especially its music – had never left me at all. Some films/songs are like that, no? They might as well be part of our DNA, that’s how engraved they are into us. Sur is that film for me.  Continue reading “A Thank-You Letter to Sur-The Melody of Life (2002) – The Film Which Brought Music Into My Life”

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Best of 2019 Series Part 2 – Best Music of the Year

This is a series I had avoided doing in the past two years, because I always found it difficult. Sometimes an album might have one or two AMAZING songs, while the others might be very mediocre. Other times the entire album will be good, but not great enough. And sometimes – especially in Malayalam – an album itself will comprise of just one or two songs. However, this time I decided to give it a try, since I am anyway more passionate about music than anything else. So here goes…

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The Songs in Dear Comrade

Every year there is always that one album that really speaks to me. Of course, as a person whose day is incomplete without music, I fall in love with so many songs every year. (In fact, that is why I don’t compile a ‘Best Songs/Albums of Last Year’ list – as the length of that post would stretch on for miles.) But I usually have this one favourite album every year – one in which every song evokes an emotional reaction from me. Last year it was 96 (I never got around to discussing the entire album) for me. And this year, it is Dear Comrade. I know the year is far from over, but I am so much in love with this album (though not quite as much as 96, where I loved all the songs, while here there are two songs which I am not that fond of) This post is me going through the jukebox and trying to decode what exactly do I love in each song.

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Singer Spotlight – Shashaa Tirupati

I don’t know if I have said this here before, so I’ll say it now – my all-time favorite female singer is, without a doubt, Shreya Ghoshal. I worship her almost as much as I worship AR Rahman – those who know me or follow my blog already know my devotion to that legend, so you can understand what I mean by this statement. My next favorite would be Chinmayi Sripaada – I respect her as a singer, dubbing artiste and above all, as a person. It is very hard for me to pick a third one – there are SO MANY lovely voices coming up daily that I lose track. However, one relatively new singer whose work I really admire is that of Shashaa Tirupati (an AR Rahman protegé by the way). I first noticed the National-Award winner in the OK Kanmani album, which made me a fan. Her voice, like ARR himself told her, sounds like a musical instrument. So here I have come up with a list of my favorite Shashaa Tirupati songs, in order of release.

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Celebrating Chinmayi Sripaada – Random Playlist

The one person whose Twitter page I have been constantly refreshing over the past one week is that of the singer/voice-over artiste/entrepreneur Chinmayi Sripaada. I have always adored her as a singer and a dubbing artiste, but it’s only after I joined Twitter about 1.5 years ago that I began to admire the kind of person she is. She always seemed to me like a person who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind, even if she has to face brickbats for it. Even as I write this she is facing flak for her participation in the #MeToo moment that has taken India by storm. As much as I want to dedicate a post to it, I have been having a very busy week with exams, so I just thought of doing a small, quick tribute for this wonderful soul by putting up some of my random favorite Chinmayi songs from pmy playlist. Nothing can fight negativity as much as some really good music, so happy listening!

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Songs On My Mind – Anthaathi and Kaathalae Kaathalae From 96

Ever since the album of 96 came out last week, I have been playing it on loop. I have been a huge fan of Govind Vasantha from the day I heard the song Fish Rock by his band – Thaikkudam Bridge – and have been in love with singer and voice-over artist Chinmayi’s voice since the day I heard En Uyir from the Tamil dubbed version of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra One. When I got to know that Govind was composing for 96 and that Chinmayi was roped in as the primary female playback singer for the album as well as the dubbing voice of Trisha, my excitement knew no bounds. And now that the album is out (and I have listened to it a million times), I am addicted. Especially to two songs from it – Anthaathi and Kaathalae Kaathalae.

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The Rains Are Here! A Few Rain Songs For The Occassion

For the past one week it has been raining here in Bangalore. I am not one of those people who loves the rain. I feel that the world is so grey and dull during the rains, and it also becomes kinda messy. On the other hand, I love drizzles. The drizzle that has been happening here since the past two days has cooled the city down, and has made the weather so pleasant. But in our movies, rains are a symbol of romance. So obviously, we have a LOT of rain songs. So I thought of doing a ‘rain-songs’ post. The songs have been picked randomly as and when they popped into my head. Here goes…

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Successfully Survived One Year of College!!! Celebration Through Songs

Wow, can’t believe that one year of college is over! Well, not exactly one year. An academic year isn’t usually that long. But it’s kinda hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am now a year closer to getting my undergraduate degree! I was torn between writing a nostalgic post and song post. Then I thought, nostalgia can wait till my graduation year. Now lemme celebrate a year of college though songs! I’ll try to make it as different as i can from my previous college-themed post. 
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